Stunt Services

Car Hits/Car Crashes

carhit.jpgFrom car hits to flipping & crashing a car using a specially rigged pipe ramp or air cannon system, we have both the equipment and experience for all your car collision scenes.

High Falls

Highfall.jpgWith our top of the line specialty airbags, crash mats and decelerator systems our trained stunt personnel will deliver the most death defying high falls for your production needs.

Fight Choreography

Fight.jpgWhether you want a full out multiple person bar brawl or martial arts fight choreography, Juan Bofill is one of the leading fight choreographers in the state holding multiple fight certifications and high ranking degrees in multiple disciplines of martial arts.

Body Burns

Bodyburn.jpgIf you are looking for simply a small body burn or a full blown body burn, JCB Productions offers the safest yet most impressive fireburns.

Precision & Stunt Driving

StuntDriving.jpg90's, 180's, 360's and drifting are among some of the common tricks with our stunt driving staff.

Flying/Wire Rigging

Wire.jpgOur top of the line equipment and experienced stunt/safety riggers will provide you with a simple one person hang, a zip line or multiple talents in flight. We can also build or customize any essentials needed in order for us to fullfill the needs for your project. You need it, we can provide it.

Stair Falls

Stairfall.jpgA six step stair case or a 35 step spiral stair case, our team has developed exceptional realistic skills for performing just the right stairfall.

Horse Work

Horsewk.jpgIf you just need a horse or an experienced rider to perform the simplest of trots, a canter, a gallop or a fall from a horse, we can provide one or both with our experienced riders and trainers.